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COVID-19 - Despite the confinement, we’re still by your side!

To our customers and networks,

We sincerely hope that you're staying in good health during this tragic COVID-19 crisis.

We would also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the different options for protecting your organisation's cash flow and employees’ jobs:

  • Reduced working hours

If you have unfortunately had to close your establishment for the confinement period or your business has undergone a significant slowdown directly because of the virus, you can use partial unemployment to keep paying your employees’ salaries. The procedure via the Caisse de chômage (Unemployment Fund) has been simplified and extended to meet current circumstances, namely through:

-Removal of waiting period to receive compensation;

-Compensation for owners and spouses working at the organisation.

  • Lines of credit and bank loans

In the event of cash flow issues during this crisis, your bank may prove a key partner, offering you personalised, effective solutions. Whether setting up a credit limit or a loan, your bank has enough information on your financial health to offer you realistic solutions to weather the economic turmoil to come.

  • State aid organisations for businesses

State aid organisations for businesses such as Fondetec and the FAE (Business Assistance Foundation) are also available to help, offering cash flow solutions with simplified procedures in response to the crisis. This is an attractive option with a number of choices depending on your circumstances and borrowing preferences.

  • What we offer

We are proud to be at your service to help put these solutions in place, or any other option which enables you to get through this crisis calmly.

Our service is of course free and included for our customers.

For those who are not existing customers, we’re offering a limited time 30% discount on our normal rates during this time.

Don't wait any longer - email us at, so that we can help save your business and your employees' salaries!

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