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[ BEXIO ] ALM Silver Partner of Bexio

ALM is positioned alongside business owners and assists them in the strategic and operational management of their company. Our flexible and responsive partnership offer allows you to be fully focused on the essentials: the development of your business.

Our goal is to set up a clear and easy organisation for the smooth and profitable operation of your company. In order to increase efficiency, we are now partners with Bexio, which offers a simplified management tool for your office.

BEXIO, intuitive management of your company:

The important thing when you are a business owner is to ensure the growth of your organisation and develop your resources, while continuously meeting the needs of your clients. To achieve this, ALM Management assists you in the all-round management of your company thanks to Bexio’s tool, a simplified multitask manager for:

  • Your core administration, i.e. keeping the accounts, the balance sheet, the profit and loss account, the annual financial statements, the establishment of your client invoices, the recording of your supplier invoices;

  • Management of your payments and collections: instant download of your banking transactions directly on Bexio and reconciliation with your client and supplier invoices.

  • Payroll and personnel management: payroll management, HR, leave management... Centralise your employees’ information on the same interface;

  • Assistance & project management: event, investment, release of funds;

  • Contact management: Keeping your files up-to-date is undoubtedly the key to a good relationship with your clients and promotes their loyalty and a good reputation.

To this end, Bexio has developed a unique simplified management solution for your company and is committed with ALM to maximise your performance. Aimed at SMEs and VSEs to ensure a keen eye on the financial status of their structure, our clients master their development with a tool adapted to their size.

Bexio reduces the administration time by 40%! That is the time it takes to keep the rest of the business running smoothly.

With Bexio, we guarantee you:

• Management and administrative simplicity:

Every business owner knows only too well that paperwork is time-consuming. It takes a long time and must be carried out diligently. This guarantees a healthy evolution of the company.

• A significant gain of time and money:

We propose to save you time by relieving you of the administrative constraints, which will enable you to devote more time to your clients. We take care of optimising your costs, so that the slightest effort pays off.

• Better results:

Bexio accounts for 67% of SMEs that have better results using their solution.

• Free and permanent assistance:

By email, telephone, chat, etc. to support you in your difficulties! And for the rest, ALM assists you in each of your tasks and offers its expertise for optimal management of your company.

Through this partnership, your business will be on the springboard for success!

Don't wait any longer, contact us to prepare your technological transition :


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