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Swiss Group

Tax exemption


Swiss-Group is a humanitarian organisation that aims to help people in distress, by giving a little hope and dignity to adults and children who have been set aside.

Founded in 2016 by Carole Ammane-Studer, a former Genevan politician who is renowned for her generosity and her commitment, this association campaigns for local humanitarian work that is constantly human-oriented.

Unlike many traditional organisations, Swiss-Group acts in areas that are often overlooked in the media, and favours regular and direct contact between donors and beneficiaries.

Initial need and proposed solution

Building on its spectacular success, Swiss-Group entrusted us, at the end of 2018, to structure its financial system and to add all the seriousness and transparency necessary to maintain the trust of third parties, which we have achieved. By soliciting and obtaining for them the status of “public utility organisation", we have helped to strengthen donor confidence, and at the same time guaranteeing well-deserved state recognition.

Statement from Carole Ammane-Studer

“Thanks to the efficient work and constant support of ALM management, our Swiss-Group Association was able to rapidly obtain the status of public utility. This not only allowed us to expand our network of private donors, but it also gave us visibility at the public sector level. We have entrusted the accounting of Swiss-Group to ALM Management and we thank them for their patience and their responsiveness in answering all our questions. 

Once more, we would like to thank ALM management!”

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