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LILI CARE is a home help and care organisation approved by the Department of Health of the Canton of Geneva. It provides home support to people requiring daily help and care, while allowing them to stay in their own home.

Initial need and proposed solution

In order to guarantee precise and real-time monitoring of its cash flow, Aline CORNAZ, Director of LILI CARE, has mandated our company.

We then implemented a solution including a monthly forecast of expenses and income, as well as a real-time comparison with the current one, using the Brixx budgeting tool.

Thanks to this solution, Aline CORNAZ maintains permanent and informed control over LILI CARE's finances, while being able to foresee and plan future risks and opportunities concerning her company.

Comment by Aline CORNAZ, Director of LILI CARE

“I am delighted with my collaboration with Anas. He is always attentive to my requests and questions. A real support on a daily basis!”

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