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Founded in 2012, Catalyx is a multinational company on a human scale, specialising in strategic market research for international companies.

This company is ranked in the top 20 of the most innovative agencies in strategic market research, according to the GRIT Report.

It was also rated as one of the fastest growing companies in Europe, by the Financial Times.

Initial need and proposed solution

Careful monitoring of multi-departmental budgets as well as cash flow is key to the success of this fast-growing and successful company.

At the request of the Director, Mr Guy WHITE, we set up the monitoring of budgets and cash flow by department, using the Brixx software.

This allows Catalyx management to know their free cash flow in real time with maximum precision, so permitting them to anticipate the risks inherent in their exponential development.

Comment from Mr Guy WHITE, Director of Catalyx

“ALM provide diligent and collaborative support. Unlike other providers, they partner closely with us recognising that the finance needs of a business need to flex as situations evolve. The cash-flow forecasting and approach gives us the visibility we need to take forward thinking decisions we need to continue to grow the business. They are a true business partner for us.”

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